Transport & Logistics

Pain Without Software

  • Transporter does not know exact number how much vehicles they have right know and in which condition.

  • All work done on papers.

  • Transporter call all time driver to know when truck reach destination.

  • Generate LR receipt manually sometimes some important data was not fillup.

  • Transporter generate Lr, Chalan or Final bill and send to client but many times it will be misplaced or take much time to receive payment.

  • Data loss chances.

  • Difficult to manage other branch.

Solution in Our Software

  • Transporter will allow clients to view vehicles visually so they can choose best for them using mobile or web application.

  • Online and offline software solution it would store in cloud so transporter can write data any time anywhere.

  • Inbilt GPS system into truck so transporter track truck using mobile or web application.

  • Provide CRM module and required data will must fill so that all important data will fill up.

  • Transporter send bill online threw web application or mobile application and get instant online payment.

  • Automatic Data backup.

  • Transporter view other branch works and data online anytime.

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Pain Without Software

  • Time consuming when you want 1 student data and find it in big book..

  • Check one by student data and after that seperate some students data it take much time.

  • Lose files and papers of students because of any circumstances.

  • Some bounce checques or duplicate note.

  • Schools and collages are not aware when bus was reached school / collage.

  • Parents are not aware about child attendance.

  • If you are not in school or collage then you will not access student or admin data.

Solution in Our Software

  • Easily Maintain Bulk Student Data,Just search and get result in 1 second.

  • Admission Merit list Creation Possible In a speedy and Precise Way.

  • Accurately Manage All Academic And Non-Academic Data Of Students.

  • Online Payment Mode.

  • School transport tracking.

  • Monitoring attendance using mobile app or web application.

  • Accesible by any time any place because all information are store in cloud.

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Pain Without Software

  • If patient goes to trip and occur emergancy that time doctor hase no idea about patient history.

  • It is necessary to reach hospital to know about OPD charges, Emergency charge, embulance charge.

  • It`s mednatory to take visit in the hospital to know about reports.

  • Cheque might be bounce sometimes and in cash payment duplicate note problem.

  • Required to go reception to know about any patient, patient room or doctor.

Solution in Our Software

  • Patient management (Tracking visits of Patient and all data of Patient) module help doctor and patient to view history of patient anytime anywhere.

  • In service management module hospital staff and patient will view all the charges.

  • Online test report generation - Patient can view reports online.

  • Online Billing system - Fast and effective.

  • Reception management - Status of any patient/doctor can be queried from this module e.g. timing of consultant, residential address/patient room search.

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Pain Without Software

  • Necessary to reach restaurant to order parcel.

  • Customer will not know about how much time take for that order.

  • Necessary to go reception to do payment.

  • Manually stock count to know how much stock in the restaurant.

  • Owner doesn`t know which staff person was not come restaurant.

Solution in Our Software

  • Online / Mobile Ordering module help customer to gave parcel order from home.

  • Takeaway & Delivery - customer see exact time.

  • Table Billing module help to do online payment of that table.

  • Inventory Management - easily knoe how much stock in our restaurant.

  • Owner and Manager will check online of staff attendance anytime anywhere.

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Pain Without Software

  • It consume much time to manage inventory.

  • Owner doesn`t know which employee was not awailable today.

  • Manual billing was many times not done in right way.

  • Doesn`t know exact amount of Parties and supplier them details.

  • stock doesn`t manage in efficient way.

Solution in Our Software

  • Inventory management. Using a barcode scanner for inventory intake and at the point of sale will shave days off your life as a retailer.

  • Employee management and accountability.

  • Online billing system help to get instant payment.

  • Which partie or supplier details you want get them data in just 1 click in 1 second.

  • when stock was low system will show alert.

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Pain Without Software

  • Every time customer reach store to buy anything.

  • Payment manually was take much time or occur errors.

  • Doesn`t know exact supplier details and all.

  • Doesn`t know exact stock.

Solution in Our Software

  • Customer can view online products and also other products in option.

  • Online payment gateway helpful to easy make payment in short time.

  • Getting data anytime of supplier using supplier manage module.

  • Project management - this module help to know exact group or size product quantity.

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CRM / Sales

Pain Without Software

  • It`s hard to manage all modules manually sometime any of one will be by mistake forgot..

  • SPANCO model manual use is so much hard.

  • To view current status of lead anytime it is not possible.

  • Owner will not aware about conversion between his employee and client.

Solution in Our Software

  • It shows all the aspects during when lead comes and when that opertunity goes to closure.

  • Software make using model SPANCO.

  • Mobile integrated system so you can view lead status anytime anywere.

  • Track & Optimize Lead Conversion Processes, Qualify Leads & Convert it to opertunity.

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