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Technology strategy and business solutions need to be a core part of every company’s corporate strategy. In order to thrive in today’s dynamic digital economy, modern enterprises need to embed digital into the core of their core activities. This includes a wide range of things from remodeling business, IT solutions, digitizing essential processes, integrating technology to the core, and presenting the brand via digital channels.

  • In these challenging times, see how our BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) experts can help you maintain business continuity and transform the company with better intelligent workflows.

  • Enterprise Architecture (EA) enables you to tap into a high level of expertise and services to help you improve your organization and IT strategies. We'll develop a roadmap that allows both business and IT to fuel each other's strategies.

  • Citta's Ready Partner Program is formed to empower partners to resell software and automation solutions to retail customers as part of their overall customer solution offerings. The platform you’re selling is what you’re using so the conversation becomes intuitive, basically it sells itself!

  • Create a comprehensive IT strategy for a digital and technological transformation of your organization that goes in line with your business objectives. You can revamp your IT ecosystem with IT consulting services to make it more aligned with your business needs.

  • Controlled security services must be smarter and more flexible in today's rapidly evolving risk environment. Citta Managed Security & Risk Management Services provide industry-leading tools, technology, and expertise to help secure the information assets at all times.

  • Data privacy and security are at risk in today's digital world, where desired information is at one's fingertips and usable from anywhere at any time. The need for next-generation cyber security that encompasses a comprehensive approach—from identification to safety, mitigation, and remediation—has never been greater.

  • PAAS Cloud-based development and deployment environment with resources to help you develop everything from simple cloud-based apps to advanced, cloud-enabled enterprise apps

  • IAAS, a completely controlled serverless framework, which can build highly scalable applications. Citta manages IT infrastructures such as storage, server, and networking resources and delivers them to its users thru virtual servers that can be accessed over the internet.

  • Software as a service (SaaS) is a way of sharing applications as a service over the Internet. Instead of installing and managing software, you simply use the Internet to access it, eliminating the need for complicated software and hardware management.

  • SSL safeguards the website's data from malicious third parties such as criminal hackers and third-party service providers. It also eliminates others from inserting ads into your services and protects your website from malware. Any website should have an SSL certificate to protect user privacy and prevent tampering.

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