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Security Policy

Policy brief & purpose

Our Workplace Security Policy outlines our rules for receiving visitors at our premises. We want to ensure that visitors will not:

  • Pose threats to our premises and property
  • Distract employees from their work
  • Be exposed to danger
  • Pose threats to our intangible assets


This policy applies to all employees. “Workplace visitors” may refer to employees’ friends and family (referred to as personal visitors) contractors, external vendors, stakeholders and the public. Each Visitor would be provided by “visitor passes” which would have a category color code on it.

This policy does not refer to remote employees or employees from other company locations. To ensure safety at work and security of work, employees who are on parental leave may enter our premises with visitor passes.

Policy elements

The following rules apply for all kinds of visitors:

  • Visitors should sign in at the [reception/ gate/ front-office] and show some form of identification.
  • Authorization procedures - Visitors will receive passes and return them to [reception/ gate/ front-office] once the visit is over.
  • Employees must always tend to their visitors while they are inside our premises.
  • Our internet usage, data protection and confidentiality policies temporarily cover our visitors while they are on company premises. They must not misuse our internet connection, disclose confidential information or take photographs of restricted areas. If they don’t conform, they may be escorted out or face prosecution if appropriate.
  • Visitors are allowed during working hours. After-hours visitors must have written authorization from [HR/management.]
  • Visits by non employees. Such visits are not allowed unless authorized by the company
  • Identification of visitors. Visitors must sign in and out and present photo identification at the reception and should wear identification badges or passes provided by the officials and must be escorted by a supervisor or company official.
  • Heightened requirements. Visits are only allowed in office hours on all working days except for any government or natural emergency.
  • Visits by employees during nonworking hours. Citta restricts regular employees’ access to the office during off-hours. Employees should have an approval by authorised person in advance to visit the premises after work hours?
  • Former employees. Former employees are important part of Citta family but they are not allowed to visit the restricted areas or Off limit areas.
  • Vendors, suppliers, and contractors. All vendors are required to be escorted by the concern authority and have limited access in citta premises. They would have a separate color code like other visitors.
  • Temporary employees. Yes temporary employees are considered as normal employees but they have limited access in office premises as per their profile defined by his/her RM Recording devices. Visitors are not allowed to carry any recording device or cell phones in office premises.
  • Supervisors’ responsibilities. Supervisors have full right to challenge unescorted strangers who aren’t wearing the proper identification.
  • Employees are not allowed to take personal mobile phones & other gadgets (which could record or save company data). Exceptions are allowed with special permission granted by concerned authority.
  • Employees are not allowed to stay in office premises after official working hours. Special permission are required to stay in office after official working hours from the Reporting Authority & HR in advance.
  • Employees are not allowed to take Company Devices out of Citta premises. Departments or Employees who have a genuine requirement need to take pre approved permission from Reporting Authority & HR in advance.

What is the policy for personal visitors in the workplace?

As a general rule, employees may not allow access to our buildings to unauthorized personal visitors. We can make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Employees may bring visitors to company events or after obtaining authorization from [HR/ Security Officer/ Office manager.] To avoid confusion or misunderstanding, authorization should be in writing. [HR/ Security Officer/ Office manager] may also give verbal authorization, when appropriate, but must also inform reception and security guards.

Common areas, like lobbies, may be open to visitors. We advise our employees to only permit visitors in those areas for a short time and for specific reasons. Employees are responsible for accompanying any of their underage visitors at all times.

Contractors and Service Vendors

Contractors, suppliers and service vendors, like IT technicians and plumbers, can enter our premises only to complete their job duties. Front-desk employees are responsible for providing contractors and vendors with badges and for instructing them to wear those badges at all times on our premises.

Other kinds of Visitors

Our company may occasionally accept the following types of visitors:

  • Students
  • Investors
  • Customers
  • Job candidates
  • Business partners

Those visitors should receive written authorization from HR or management before entering our premises. They should always be accompanied by an employee while on company pro


In accordance with our non-solicitation policy, visitors must not try to proselytize employees, gather donations or request participation in activities while on our premises. Any visitors who violate this policy may be escorted out.


Anyone who delivers orders, mail or packages for employees should remain at the office reception or gate. [Front office employees/ security guards] are responsible for notifying the employee who expects the delivery. If that employee is unable to receive their order, front office employees may accept the order on the employee’s behalf upon request. Front-office personnel must sign for and disseminate all business orders and mail.

Dangerous or restricted areas

Employees may not bring or accept visitors in areas where there are dangerous machines, confidential records or sensitive equipment. Representatives of regulatory bodies and stakeholders (e.g. investors) may be exempted, if they have received official authorization from [HR/ Security Officer/ Office manager.] In these cases, employees should provide visitors with the necessary badges and protective equipment to enter premises when needed

Unauthorized visitors

Security staff who spot unauthorized visitors may ask them to leave. Visitors who misbehave (e.g. engage in hate speech, cause disruption or steal property) will be asked to leave and prosecuted if appropriate.Employees who spot unauthorized visitors may refer them to [security/office manager.]

Disciplinary Action

Employees who violate this policy may face disciplinary consequences in proportion to their violation. HR will determine how serious an employee’s offense is and take the appropriate action:

  • For minor violations (e.g. bringing in personal visitors without authorization), employees may only receive verbal reprimands.
  • For more serious violations (e.g. bringing in unauthorized visitors who rob or damage company property), employees may face severe disciplinary actions up to and including termination.


This security policy is meant to provide general guidelines and should be used as a reference. It may not take into account all relevant local, state or federal laws and is not a legal document. Neither the author nor Workable will assume any legal liability that may arise from the use of this policy.

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