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The logistic Industry is an environment full of risk, disruption & uncertainties which can be controlled & diminish if the freight journey is established in a digital ecosystem for in-depth real-time visibility.

With the technology embedded with AI & blockchain to navigate the dynamics of freight transportation. Our digital tools with robust automated processes for document processing and verification, planning and scheduling, and demand matching and forecasting. Our ecosystem ensures smarter, efficient & robust fleet maintenance, optimize asset utilization, and automate sustainable operations.

Industry Pain Areas

Lack of Effective Coordination

Inconsistency and fragmentation are the two biggest problems, the logistics industry faces. To have centralized control over every step becomes impossible because of the involvement of multi parties; manufacturers, storekeepers, drivers, managers, and end-users. Fragmentation often leads to general inefficiency. A possible silver bullet here is a software solution that synchronizes information between multiple parties.

Warehouse Management Errors

Stock mistakes can sometimes jeopardise a company's reputation. Walmart, one of the world’s biggest retailers, proved they were not the example to follow in 2013. That year, the company lost US$3 billion because of misplaced goods. Target skipped an opportunity to enter a new and potentially lucrative market in 2015 because product barcodes did not match the numbers in the computer system.

Internal Communication Neglect

Large retail and logistics companies should focus on retaining employees and simplifying work processes; this can also be accomplished digitally. Amazon's recent decision to "gamify" the routines of their warehouse workers produced contradictory results. The company created a Tetris-style game that guided employees through items and tasks.On the bright side, it made the process more enjoyable and efficient. On the negative side, the system rewarded the fastest employees with points and badges, resulting in unhealthy competition and even protests.

Lack of Connection With End Customers

At the end of the day, customers are the driving force for any logistics company, and the demands set by customers should provide objectives for developing innovative solutions. Omnichannel experience is a notable trend now. Customers want to be able to order online or offline, have their packages delivered or picked up in-store, and track their shipments at any stage. Faster delivery is another crucial point to work on. Modern customers want their orders to arrive as fast as possible, which requires more local storage and delivery complexity from logistics businesses.

Map and Navigation

This basic need help reduce transportation expenses greatly. By minimizing stops, identifying trouble spots, and calculating the optimal routes in a given situation, this technology guarantees the best possible speed and quality of delivery. An important aspect here is the inclusion of parties in the service. It should be convenient for both shippers and carriers, and the end customers should be satisfied with the result.

Analysis & Reporting

While large transportation companies are already implementing some of these ideas, there aren't enough modern solutions that combine all of the necessary functions in an elegant way. In order to make good decisions, you need to build reports and analyze saturated information.

Improvement Analysis

Electronic Communication with Customers and Carriers
Business Process Automation and Workflow Efficiencies
Overall Supply Chain Processes (Inbound, Outbound, Shipments)
Understanding and Controlling Cost
Carrier and Partner Collaboration
In-Transit Visibility
Reporting and Documentation/Access to Data
Invoicing and Payment Practices
GDPR Compliance


Top 3 technology Logistic Companies are adopting IoT, SaaS/Cloud, Mobile

- By TEC



Considering that logistics is expected to be a $15.5 trillion industry by 2023. SCMS usage should only continue to grow.

- hollingsworth



Shipping is only part of the supply chain, yet it is a trillion dollar industry.

- holling worth



Not only do 3PLs make supply chains more efficient, but they can lead to reduced costs. In fact, 70% of shippers say that a 3PL saved them money while improving their service.

- hollingworth



Implementing RFID tags could make inventory accuracy as high as 95%, meaning inventory is less likely to be lost. RFID tags will also make it easier for warehouse workers to find and keep track of goods, increasing their efficiency and decreasing the time it takes to ship goods.

- hollingsworth



54% of companies surveyed expected that digitalization would increase their revenues (PwC Global Digital IQ Survey 2017).

- hollingsworth



The evolution of base technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics or Blockchain/DLTs and the pressure on business effectiveness they generate, will create a favorable environment for the development of such solutions.

- hollingsworth

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