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Run an Efficient IoT-enabled Business

Internet of Things for a Smart Connected Enterprise.

Shop Floor Monitoring
OEE Measurement and Improvement
Real-Time Fault Identification
Process Data Analytics
Predictive Maintenance
Why IIoT

Transforming Industry with Intelligent End-to-End Solutions

Citta offers its customers a complete solution for connecting all types of production equipment in all kinds of industrial production. With flexible solutions based on best practice and on modern technology, we quickly and easily connect equipment, collect data and make it available. Citta's Industry 4.0 Solution are important building blocks in the development of the next generation of industrial production.

  • IIoT is Collaborative
  • It will Make your Business Sustainable
  • It will Generate Value for your Business
  • It will Generate Efficiencies and Improve Operations
  • It will Improve Customer Experience
  • It will Make Reactive Maintenance Predictive and Preventive
  • It Allow for Remote Updates, Monitoring and Control
  • It will Enhance Production Quality

Key Features of IIoT

Enlightening the features to empower your business

Our IIoT solutions deliver unprecedented visibility on Asset-wise/Shop-wise/Building-wise energy usage, asset/machine performance, production/assembly line monitoring and analytical insights in the industrial contexts by utilizing the Citta's Industry 4.0 IoT Platform capabilities in real-time data acquisition, processing and machine learning.

Seamless Connectivity & Data Acquisition
Smart Alerts and Notifications
Intuitive Data Visualization & Reporting
Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance
Production Line / Factory Wide Performance Insights
Machine Learning & Analytics

Put your Machine Data to use with Ease

Based on our rich and long-standing experience with equipment integration and shopfloor automation, Citta industry 4.0 IIoT enables a broad range of capabilities.

Connect by Citta


Device Agnosticity & Multi-Protocol Support

The solution enables seamless connectivity with existing device infrastructure (even the legacy systems) in a factory and supports multiple industrial protocols. For e.g., the solution can connect with Multi-branded IIoT gateways, Programmable logic controls (PLC), Human Machine interfaces (HMI), Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and SCADA/MES systems. It supports protocols such as MODBUS, OPC, PROFIBUS for edge to gateway connectivity and HTTP/HTTPS, MQTT/MQTTS for gateway to cloud connectivity. Thus, solving the problem of interoperability and machine-to-machine communication.

Collect by Citta


Data Acquisition, Aggregation and Processing

The solution enables systematic acquisition of raw data directly from the production level in real time. It makes it more than easy to acquire operational & production data from machineries/plants and directly push it to the server for further analysis and reporting. Data surrounding Factory & Building environment, Energy usage, Production Batches & Processes, Production Cycle, Working Hours, Asset Performance and Utilization, Asset Rating, Downtime, Maintenance Schedules, Product Quality, etc. can be acquired from multiple data sources. Instead of sending bunch of data to the cloud, our WebNMS EdgeX edge-computing capability allows localized actions and data filtering for refined & relevant data transfer for analytics.

Curate by Citta


Contextualize, Analyze and Provide Insights

Using the acquired data, the solution enables factories to gain visibility and actionable insights on every machine, line, and plant throughout a manufacturing enterprise. It provides the service managers and technicians with the ability to gain insight into equipment's health with real-time and historical condition monitoring. It alerts with colour coded severity on any anomalies and also notifies on machine maintenance due thereby enabling Preventative maintenance. It also identifies bottlenecks using deep analytics provided by performance reports such as OEE, cycle analysis, machine utilization, and downtime history that enables production managers to create value from the digitization of data.

Future for Industrial Automation

The Architecture of Choice for Smart Manufacturing


Our technology enables workload consolidation with a single, scalable architecture and a portfolio of advanced heterogeneous solutions, helping to reduce hardware infrastructure and energy consumption. Our technology provides the right processing power for a wide range of factory applications.


Our technology provides reliability, precision and low latency for efficient, continuous industrial operations, regardless of cycle time requirement. Our extensive portfolio of scalable processors support predictive maintenance and machine-to-machine communications.


Our security solutions are designed to protect hardware, software and networks by preventing physical and remote interference. Our approach ensures the right level of robustness to match each application’s needs, whether securing cyber-physical systems, or protecting data.

Functional Safety
Functional Safety

Integrated functional safety is critical to safeguarding the working environment. We offers advanced technologies compliant with international safety certifications, such as IEC 61508. Our Safety Ready portfolio supports the highest levels of functional safety required for human-to-machine interaction.

Citta Industry 4.0 IIoT Benefits

Intelligence right at the edge for nextGen Solutions

Optimizing machine utilization

Increases performance and avoids endpoint/agent conflicts

Predicting and preventing failures

Simplifies software license management

Optimizing maintenance cycles

Ensures seamless, fully integrated protection

On-time alerting on any anomalies

Reduces infrastructure needs

Improving machine performance

Enables faster employee onboarding and maintenance

Increasing asset life cycle

Simplifies the education of IT resources

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