Pain Without Solution

  • Time consuming when you want 1 student data and find it in big book..

  • Check one by student data and after that Separate some students data it take much time.

  • Lose files and papers of students because of any circumstances.

  • Some bounce cheques or duplicate note.

  • Schools and collages are not aware when bus was reached school / collage.

  • Parents are not aware about child attendance.

  • If you are not in school or collage then you will not access student or admin data.

Solution in Our Software

  • Easily Maintain Bulk Student Data,Just search and get result in 1 second.

  • Admission Merit list Creation Possible In a speedy and Precise Way.

  • Accurately Manage All Academic And Non-Academic Data Of Students.

  • Online Payment Mode.

  • School transport tracking.

  • Monitoring attendance using mobile app or web application.

  • Accesible by any time any place because all information are store in cloud.

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