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Information Technology is a rapidly emerging catalyst for economies globally, offering lucrative opportunities. Hence, growth can be optimized only by investing in innovation and technological solutions. Perpetual growth will be achieved by investing in technology and leveraging it with human intelligence. The challenge is to transform the current traditional approach of business and enable expansion of growth opportunities by using digital technologies.

We are happy that we have been able to provide competitive IT solutions to various new categories of businesses and industry which have gained massive critical market standing over the past few years. Web development is an integral part of IT infrastructure which facilitates businesses to meet market and consumers’ needs. We boast of a world-class team of energetic and committed techies, expert developers, creatively inspired and passionate professionals are continually delivering the demands of the digital marketplace. We welcome the challenges of real-world IT solutions for unique businesses and industries. We are always starving for such problems and our appetite is never satiated. We see the future world demand Digital Footprints. We understand the needs of Information Technology and Digital Infrastructure to make the world a pleasant place to live.

We provide structured IT infrastructure and digital solutions to businesses across the industry. Evaluating various needs and providing a competitive advantage to our clients is our sole motto. We catapult traditional businesses into high-tech organizations. We assist startups and organisations in successfully developing and launching digital products and web-based software applications in order to realise their goals.

Kiran Sutaria
Mr. Kiran Sutaria
(Founder and CEO)

In 2009, Mr. Kiran Sutaria founded Citta Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as the IT services company for IT solutions. He has an overall industry experience of more than 20 years in top MNC’s and Fortune 500 companies. His last assignment was with Infosys. In 2009, he left Infosys and laid the foundation of Citta. Mr. Sutaria holds a master’s degree in Computer Science and a post-graduate master’s degree in Business Management.

Ankita Sutaria
Ms. Ankita Sutaria
VP - Finance, Global
Gautam Jha
Mr. Gautam Jha
VP - Process & Operations, India
Abdullah Baomar
Mr. Abdullah Baomar
VP - Sales, Middle East, Gulf Countries
Gunjan Patel
Mr. Gunjan Patel
VP - Sales & Operations, Australia
Nilesh Patel
Mr. Nilesh Patel
VP - Sales and Operations, USA
Nitin Soni
Mr. Nitin Soni
Chakravarti Chouhan
Mr. Chakravarti Singh Chouhan
Marketing Head
Neel Patel
Mr. Neel Patel
VP - Research and Development
Gaurang Bhadani
Mr. Gaurang Bhadani
Jayesh Sharma
Mr. Jayesh Sharma
Head - Business Development
Mansi Dave
Ms. Mansi Dave
Chief HR Officer
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