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Aimed at helping clients across industries skyrocket their business growth and gain a competitive edge through software and app development services, Citta started its journey in 2009.

Citta's mission is to evolve with time and provide compelling and cutting-edge solutions that will help customers maximize their reach online and offline. We have a team of experts delivering excellence across services; outsourcing, IT, digital transformation, and many more. Our solutions are one of the most advanced and pertinent ERP Systems across the globe.

Today we are catering to 1500+ clients worldwide. And, as we grow, we strive to improve our processes and invest in cutting-edge tools and resources to provide our partners with top-tier services and customize them if needed.

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Why Citta

We know the value of human relationships

  • A Global Organization with a presence in 17+ nations worldwide which not only provides you with an international standard service experience but also understands the importance of human values.
  • 2000+ count of satisfied clientele in a span of 10 years not only proves our sincerity towards our work but even explains our hunger for growth and success.
  • 50+ Awards & Recognition by renowned international agencies defines our status as a world-class service provider.
  • To be a one-stop solution for our clients is what we have visioned. It is not just a belief but a dream that every Citta stakeholder lives and works continuously to improve oneself.
  • Citta provides complete ERP and other technological solutions to more than 12 mature industries worldwide.
  • 16+ Successful Business Trademarks creates a portfolio which certain organization just dream of.
  • Citta's 24X7 organized and specially assigned technical support for clients has made our retention ratio not just better, but the best among our competitors.
  • 200+ tech people worldwide & 85k service hours make us an experienced team that acts as a support structure for our sales & operations CASR team.
  • It has reached the 10 Cr milestone in a record time and is now all set to achieve the 100Cr mark.
  • There are still many milestones to achieve but the reason why we think that one should join us is the organization’s firm belief that the organization’s growth and that of the stakeholder are directly proportional to each other.
About Us

Passion INNOVATION Expertise


Citta, founded in 2010, is an innovative global consulting and IT services firm with over 200 employees and 100k+ service hours to its approximately 2 million solution users.

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Citta with its wide range of solutions has established its subsidiaries in more than 15 industry verticals which have its presence in 17+ countries.

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Great ideas and people are part of how your business creates values and with a combined experience of 50+ years, Citta completely believes in the latter reason for creating values.

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Citta is committed to developing solutions with the best industry partners in order to provide society with best-in-class solutions for the overall growth of the ecosystem.

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Advisory Board
Advisory Board

True intuitive expertise is gained through extensive experience and positive feedback on both mistakes and accomplishments.

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Join Our Program
Join Our Program

Citta Authorized Partner programs are innovative platforms that offer collaboration opportunities to partners.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

"Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love." - Mother Teresa

With this philosophical approach, Mr. Kiran Sutaria started his journey to be that small change and establish the core vision of the Citta Foundation. " Kiran Bhai " the common name used by Citta Foundation beneficiaries, firmly believes that education, the standard of living, and the value system are the most important pillar of any human society and to establish, these parameters in the DNA of any society education plays a vital role. Keeping this as the core objective of the Citta Foundation Mr. Sutariya and his team are directly benefiting poor and disable children every year, through live welfare projects on education, healthcare, and livelihood, in over a few remote villages and slums across Gujarat. As being an owner of an IT Consultancy firm Mr. Sutraiya uses his technological expertise for smooth and effective execution of his initiatives to accomplish his responsibilities towards society. Citta Foundation all programs are compiled & deployed in a way that is focused on long-term benefits rather than supplying just current needs which results in achieving ideal SROI (social return on investment).

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Awards & Recognitions

People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition

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