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The jewelry and Gem industry in India is one of the largest in India contributing to nearly 6 – 7 % of the country’s GDP. In addition, the GOI has made Jewellery and Gen stones, the export area since the world’s 95% diamonds. Today, there are close to 5 hundred thousand players in the Indian market, most of them being small players. The worth of a jewel is highly appreciated and understood by the jeweler. Facets are an integral part of jewelry as they reflect the symmetry of the structure. As a facet is believed to improve the appearance of a jewel, our software is proved to improve the efficiency of the Gems and Jewellery business. Designed for those who are modern in their outlook and aspirational for growth, Citta provides an edge to scale up your business.

Industry Pain Areas

Siloed & Inherited System

ERP systems tend to outlast the IT professionals who implement them, causing headaches for the CIOs who are subsequently brought it to integrate and upgrade them -- and manage the business side's changing expectations.

Incorrect / Incomplete Customer Information

The Past, Present, and Future of Data, a report by Dun & Bradstreet, has recently revealed that incomplete and inaccurate data has caused one in every five businesses to lose their customers.

Partial Inventory Visibility

For an effective and successful order fulfillment operation, a clear understanding of your inventory is necessary. Like, what all products do you have (quantity by SKU)? Where does it fit into your supply chain? Is this information accurately reflected in your system?

Excessive Volumes of Data

Data saturation is everywhere. We’ve often had the belief that more is better; however, that actually isn’t true in the case of data. The rapid rise in our ability to collect data hasn’t kept pace with our ability to support, filter, and manage the data.

Incompetent Processes

Operations of today's businesses get complicated and hampered due to siloed and complex business systems. Inefficiencies cost companies 20 to 30 percent of their revenue every year, according to market research firm IDC.

Multiple Store Management

Running a multi-store retail business is not easy, but with the right tools, processes, and people, you'll discover that the tasks associated with managing multiple stores are actually quite manageable.

Improvement Analysis

Inventory Management
End-To-End Traceability
Big Data
Customized Solution as per Need
GDPR Compliance


54% of companies surveyed expected that digitalization would increase their revenues (PwC Global Digital IQ Survey 2017).

- hollingsworth



The evolution of base technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics or Blockchain/DLTs and the pressure on business effectiveness they generate, will create a favorable environment for the development of such solutions.

- hollingsworth

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Our primary goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients and partners based on trust, professionalism, and enjoyment of what we do. One of Citta Solutions' core philosophies is to keep things simple. Our processes are designed to address your needs and satisfaction with your requirements. We know the value of human relationships.

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Case Studies

Our Success Stories

Fight Song - Wichita, KS, United States

Anti-Bullying Application with confidential messaging and multiple modules

Redwop Production - Rajkot, India

ICICI Banking API's in multiple modules ease accounting

Krishna Constructions - Kampala, Uganda

Optimize and enhanced budgeting process with BI implementation

NB Landmark - Ahmedabad, India

Advance interaction tools kept the process stable in COVID situations

Nitco Logistics - Jammu, India

IoT and Geo-Location based Real-Time Tracking in Fleet Management

Redwop Chemicals - Rajkot, India

Branch Interconnection with IoT implementation increased productivity

GEPL - Kheda, India

Updated traditional processes with Product & Process Automation in Industrial IoT

Technology expert people analysis

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