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Emerging Technology

Delivering world-class technology solutions in emerging domains. Our engineers have deep expertise in delivering custom solutions in augmented and virtual realities, AI & machine learning, BLE, and IoT. Citta can assist you in understanding and implementing these technologies so that you can be the game changer. We collaborate with you to research, co-create, prototype, test and deploy new services and solutions powered by cutting-edge technology.

  • The rapidly advancing capabilities of machine learning are helping enterprises work more efficiently. Machine learning's potentially disruptive capabilities are being recognized by an increasing number of businesses around the world, especially when applied to robotics systems in the workplace.

  • AI allows ERP vendors to improve ERP systems using machine learning and natural-language interfaces. AI in ERP systems provides organisations with actionable data insights that help them increase their operational performance.

  • Biometric technologies make biometrics-based devices, as well as the computers and networks to which they are linked, interoperable and compatible. It enables the compatibility of different application software on various operating systems, as well as an efficient and functional relation.

  • Keep an eye on your business at all times and from everywhere, and gain information that can help you improve performance. With our advanced Video Surveillance and CCTV systems, you can protect your business from break-ins and burglaries.

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is a third dimension of technology that bridges the gap between the physical and virtual worlds. The development of the Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be a product of the world's transformation.

  • Get actionable insights from all of your retail information, both online and offline. Have a complete picture of the brand and its activities. Citta Provides unified analytics, which seamlessly combines your data with your POS, RFID, Inventory, or any other application.

  • Despite of how the technology continues to evolve, which future innovations and inventions will be important tomorrow: all of this is already expected in Citta's Automation offering, which is being gradually incorporated and turning into real added value for our customers in the discrete and process industries.

  • Blockchain for business is valuable for entities transacting with one another. Blockchain users can access the same information at the same time using distributed ledger technology, which improves performance, builds confidence, and reduces friction.

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