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Arvind Patel
Mr. Arvind Patel
(Executive Director - Citta Solutions Private Limited)

He supervises a company’s administration and strategy and build the company’s leadership team. He is part of a Board of Directors that works as a team to govern overall business activities and relationships. His role is to assess the efficiency of their business practices and design strategic improvements to company procedures. He guides the company culture and direct communication to reinforce the company’s mission and motivate its team. He holds a key role in enforcing legal compliance and strategic thinking.

A deep understanding of finance-related performance standards, as well as his ability to develop and implement financial strategies, are playing a major role in boosting the organization's performance.

Ujjaval Patel
Dr. Ujjaval Patel
(Assistant Professor at National Forensic Sciences University)

Dr. Ujjaval Patel is working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Adani Institute of Infrastructure Engineering since January 2019. He completed his B.E. in Electrical Engineering from L D College of Engineering, Ahmedabad and M.E. in Electrical Engineering from Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara with specialization in Microprocessor Systems and applications. He received his PhD from Charusat University, Anand.

He has also completed specialization on “Internet of Things (IoT)” from University of California, Irvin through Coursera. Moreover, he has also achieved specialization on “Introduction to Internet of Things” from IIT Roorkee through NPTEL.

He has 16 years experience in academia and 3 years experience in industry.

He is Life member of Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE), Member of Institution of Engineers (India) and Institute For Engineering Research Publications (IFERP).

Dr. Ujjaval Patel has also published a book on “Futuristic Trends on Numerical Relaying for Transmission Lines” with Springer, Singapore. Dr. Ujjaval Patel has presented several research papers in IEEE sponsored international conferences. He has also published many research papers in many peer reviewed international journals. He is also working as reviewer of several peer reviewed national and international journals like IEEE transaction on power delivery, Electric Power Components & Systems, IET Science Measurement & Technology and many more.

In pace with ongoing developing technologies, his research interest includes digital protections of power systems along with applications of Internet of Things (IoT) for Home and Industrial automations for growth of society. At present, he is also associated with many Industrial IoT projects with various national and state level organizations. Also, he is also providing consultancy services to many Industrial projects as well.

Nitin Soni
Mr. Nitin Soni
(Chartered Accountant - Nitin Soni & Co.)

Nitin Soni & Co is a chartered accountant-led business with offices in India and senior personnel experienced in advising companies setting up in India; assisting their customers in growing their business is part of our service.

They know very well all about how India works, its laws and regulations, who to talk to (and perhaps more importantly who not to talk to) and they have the sound network of associates in the major cities of India. Their expertise over Logistics and Transport domain helping Carogo365Cloud in-depth.

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