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Transport Management System - Web Portal (India)

Project Overview

Simran Logistics LLP. (Punjab) - Transport Management Software helps transporters in expanding the range of transport, optimizing transport budget, master costs, invoices, and tracking of the fleets. It's a logistics software that facilitates clients to manage and optimize the regular operations of their transportation fleets. Cargo365cloud helps in a deal with the outlining, execution, and optimization of the physical movements of assets.

  • Logistics
  • Logistics
  • Simran Logistics LLP.
  • Punjab
  • 6 Months

Pain Areas

  • Manual Entry: Many companies have employees who manually enter shipping information, and this may lead to errors and inaccuracy. Additionally, there may be too much manual entry to produce shipping documents and labels on time.
  • Speed & Scalability: Companies often times feel imprisoned by their current shipping system. They fear that if they grow too big or too soon, their shipping platform won’t keep up.
  • Tracking Several Shipments: With several shipment types varying based on time, location, and customer, keeping the exact tracking record of the freight becomes difficult.
  • Compliance: Carriers are constantly updating zip codes, rates or other data, and if a carrier does not receive the right document in the right format, it may hold a shipment preventing on-time delivery.


  • Reduced Costs: A successful system can maximize shipment consolidation, automate routing for the best fuel values all while supporting freight auditing. Transport management solution ensure that you see the entire journey of your vehicle and can give your customers concrete delivery dates.
  • More Secure: One of the benefits of the internet and connection technology is the opportunity for more accuracy, while simultaneously providing a higher level of security and transparency to supply chains in an efficient manner that allows even the most complex to operate smoothly.
  • Integration: A TMS can easily communicate with order management systems, enterprise resource planning, and warehouse management system.  All three systems are vital to a company’s ability to take customer orders and move them through the supply chain as quickly as possibly, while communicating the progress all the way from the initial order to final delivery.  
  • AI and Machine Learning: AI and machine learning coming into transport management solutions is helping companies revolutionize their business processes. TMS has the capability to handle a tremendous amount of data and bring out what is important to its users.


Innumerable features that are sensitive and designed to give your business a more convenient and reliable intelligent experience. Below we have listed down some of the primary features of the solution:

  • Cloud-based ERP
  • OCR Integration
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • BI based Dashboard
  • Live Tracking
  • Chatbots
  • Mobile App
  • Inter-branch Synchronization
  • IoT Integration
  • 3rd Party ERP Integration
  • RFID & Barcode Integration


Your efficiencies can tend to wane if you are not utilizing all of your information in productive ways. Let’s now quickly discuss what are the primary business benefits of the system. Below we have listed down some of the primary benefits of the solution:

  • Reduce Expedite Cost
  • Customer Engagement & Experience
  • Advanced Process Management
  • Optimize Delivery Strategy
  • Seamless Partnership Management
  • Enhanced Decision Making
  • Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Service Quality


The Solution has a wide feature index and its capabilities have helped many businesses manage its operations & traditional processes in much organized manner. Here are some of the most important modules of the leading software:

  • Transport Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Reports
  • Accounting
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Database Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Operation Management


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