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Lending Management System - Mobile App (India)

Project Overview

Kataria Refinance (Ahmedabad, India) - Lending Management System is a comprehensive tool that will run all stages of the lending process starting from data collection up to fund disbursement – with all steps in between automated. It is designed to fit the market need for a digital and automated lending experience.

  • Finance
  • Finance
  • Kataria Refinance
  • Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • 6 Months

Pain Areas

  • Difficult Application Process: Among all the dissatisfied applicants for small business loans at small banks, people blame that a difficult application process is creating displeasure for them.
  • Long Wait for Decisions: Many of the applicants gets frustrated by the lengthy application and approval processes. Banks and credit unions have to walk in applicants' shoes to know how much time the decisions making takes. 
  • Lack of Transparency: Interestingly, the top reason cited for dissatisfaction among applicants at both small banks and online lenders was a lack of transparency, indicating the industry as a whole has to room for improvement when it comes to educating business borrowers about how loan approvals work.


  • Scalable Support: A loan management system that can help a lending company grow and diversify its products and services would be a reasonable choice for the business.
  • Centralized Approach: The storage of data in multiple systems to cater to different stages of the loan lending lifecycle is a typical legacy trait. The lending management system offers you a solution that provides a 360-degree view of the customer’s profile.
  • Integrated Servicing Functionalities: Any software solution that offers an integrated overview of all the different processes of the lending lifecycle like customer onboarding, the credit assessment, loan disbursal, and loan repayment modules eases the burden off the shoulders of the lenders. 
  • Robotic Process Automation: Automation improves the operational efficiency of the lender’s end by easing the execution of multiple mundane tasks like evaluation, analysis, and other critical decisions that take too much time.
  • Personalized Solution: Though technology has become sophisticated, one shoe size cannot fit all. The software should be able to customize itself to cater to the peculiar requirements of your business operations, and moreover the specific needs of all of your consumer segments. 


Innumerable features that are sensitive and designed to give your business a more convenient and reliable intelligent experience. Below we have listed down some of the primary features of the solution:

  • Identification of Lead
  • Loan Application and Simulation
  • Underwriting
  • Loan Decision
  • Agreement Signing
  • Fund Disbursement


Your efficiencies can tend to wane if you are not utilizing all of your information in productive ways. Let’s now quickly discuss what are the primary business benefits of the system. Below we have listed down some of the primary benefits of the solution:

  • Process automation supporting the digital transformation of your lending processes
  • Considerably decreased time needed to process credit applications
  • Single lending platform - Comprehensive info about the loan origination business
  • Dashboards to monitor sales structure and volumes
  • Increased productivity - Less repetitive tasks
  • Task management - To coordinate team efficiency
  • Low code solution - Quick adjustments to changing legal or market conditions, no IT expertise needed.
  • Customization as per your need.


The Solution has a wide feature index and its capabilities have helped many businesses manage its operations & traditional processes in much organized manner. Here are some of the most important modules of the leading software:

  • Document Generation Module
  • Document Management Module
  • Financial Spreading Module
  • Collateral Module
  • Company Relations Module
  • Covenant Module
  • Process Management Module
  • Integration Management Module
  • User Management Module
  • Print Module


Version Control


Development Skills

ASP.NET Core React Native ASP.NET MVC


Microsoft SQL Server


HTML Java script Jquery

Backend/Programing Lang.


Development Deliverables

API Database Design Database Architecture Database Development Mobile Application

Web Servers

Microsoft IIS


Microsoft Visual Studio


Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer

Operating System

Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer


Android Phone Android Tablet

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