Development Management

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Development Management

Development management deals with the coordination and control procedures of Worldwide development programs and projects.

The dominant paradigm in development management is the intervention within the form of a switch of resource by an external organization/donor and the oversight of the associated project cycle, i.e.project identification, planning (formulation and appraisal), implementation and monitoring, and evaluation.

A broad range of donors and implementing organizations use the Logical Framework Approach to provide a structured method of project cycle management.

The term improvement management is used on this feel of achievement and targets with finest use of limited resources in manpower, finance, cloth, time and also energetic contribution to the clarification and reformation of policies and targets or objectives.

What kind of app development do you need?

  • You can have thousands of types of apps developed. Of course, you don't need every one of them and that's why you need to decide the kind of app that you do need. But before that, you will first have to think about the purpose of the app. Is it for a particular business function? Is it for marketing and promotional purposes? Once you decide the purpose of your app, then you will need to decide the kind of application development, i.e., do you need a portal application development? Or a mobile application development? Or a social media application development? Once you are clear about the purpose and the kind of application development you are looking for, the process becomes easy. Rest assured, we will guide you at every step described above.

What can Citta Solutions do for you?

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