A Strategic Alliance between CITTA and ICICI Business Banking

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A Strategic Alliance between CITTA and ICICI Business Banking

ETV GUJARAT – Gujarati (City News) – 21/09/2020


Citta is an IT company whose objective is to create the best process & service automation solutions and in this ever changing process ‘CITTA’ has signed an alliance with ICICI Bank Business Banking for boosting its objective purpose.
Citta’s clients will get more benefits with this strategic alliance. Direct banking services access from Citta’s ERP Platform plus banking and accounting on Single Platform. Special access to ICICI Bank and Citta ERP oriented offer by instant and paperless One-Time Registration (Zero Charge) No need to visit the bank for direct integration or transaction processing.

Save time from hassle-free service and cost savings improves operational efficiency which includes access to ICICI Bank’s NACH eMandet system service. Mr.Kiran Sutaria, founder and chairman of CITTA, said the move is important in the mission of using technology for safe and easy automation of business and operation processes.

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