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Technology is not just for Big firms, Citta’s range of “365 cloud” understands the need of MSME to MNC’s

Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence are two tools that have changed the entire working culture of every industry. Still, its believed such tools are the requirement of only big firms because of their complex structure, but Citta firmly believes these tools are useful for every organization irrelevant to their size and complexity to boost their…

Citta Solutions’ Pre budget quote on zee news, abplive and Webdunia.

સીટા સોલ્યુશન્સના ફાઉન્ડર એન્ડ ચેરમેન કિરણ સુતરીયાએ જણાવ્યું હતું કે ઇન્ફર્મેશન ટેકનોલોજી ભારતમાં એક અતિ મહત્વપૂર્ણ સેક્ટર છે. ખુદ ઇન્ફર્મેશન ટેકનોલોજી મંત્રાલયનું અનુમાન છે કે ભારતને 5 ટ્રિલિયન ડોલર ઈકોનોમી બનાવવાના લક્ષ્યને હાંસલ કરવા માટે ઇન્ફર્મેશન ટેકનોલોજી સેક્ટરે 1 ટ્રિલિયન ડોલર નું યોગદાન આપવું પડશે, અમારું માનવું છે કે આના માટે રૅગ્યુલૅટરી વાતાવરણ કે જેનાથી…

Contract with Nitco Logistics

Nitco Logistics has contracted with Citta Solutions to use transport management software – Cargo365cloud in their 250 branches in India. Founder and Chairman Kiran Sutariya said that ERP software provides fleet management, warehouse management, account management, and other service solutions. It’s acknowledged by PR – Sanj Samachar, 27th Dec’19, Rajkot & All Saurashtra edition.

Nitco Logistics contracted with Cargo365cloud

Known IT company in Ahmedabad, Citta Solutions has developed “Cargo365cloud” software for logistics business and Chairman Kiran Sutariya said that India’s known logistics company Nitco Logistics has contracted to use this software for fleet management in their 250 branches in India. It is acknowledged by PR- Gujarat Today, 25th Dec’19, PR – Akila, 25th Dec’19…