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Cargo365cloud - Transport management software

Transport management software

Transportation Management Software or system was a subset of supply chain management concerning transportation operations and might be it would be part of a business/enterprise resource planning system.

The transporter usually book by road, by sea, and by air cargo in a paper which is time-consuming and sometimes that papers go missing then it`s difficult to find that documents again and also it is complicated to store all documents.

Transport Management System usually "sits" between an ERP or legacy order processing and distribution/warehouse module. In an ordinary situation, might encompass both inbound and outbound-shipping orders to be evaluated by the transport management software's planning module offering the user various suggested routing solutions. The solution of transport management software would be assessed by way of the person for reasonableness and are passed along to the transportation provider analysis module to select the nice mode and least price provider. Right away the first-rate user or provider is selected, the solution typically generates electronic load tendering and trace or track to execute the optimized cargo with the selected carrier, and later to guide freight audit and fee (settlement process). Link back to the ERP systems (after orders will be turned into premier shipments), and sometimes secondarily to WMS programs also linked to ERP are also common.

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Transport Management Software intended to develop a market-place for transporter and transport agents where they will book any consignment by checking available container. Easily manage documents. Transporter can book LR, generate challan & memo, Fleet & hire, Unload & POD, driver details, generate the bill, receive payments and receipts, store inventory and account management do easily with this software.

 Transport Software


Transport Management Software is available in Software as a Service (SaaS). Need not to invest in IT infrastructure, integrate your branches network and manage your business operations with just a PC and internet connection.

Transport Management Software will be already integrated accounting to offer an end to end paperless solution — hence no need to manage separate accounting software.

Information is at your fingertips. It would be transparent and highly visible to you can see at a glance, how your transport business is going.


  • Manage two-way data synchronization between mobile application and server to work in offline mode.
  • Understanding the requirements
  • Continuous change in requirements


  • Understanding and Implementation of complex database structure to fulfill the client requirements


Web and Mobile Application

  • Registration
  • Log In
  • Forgot Password
  • Change Password
  • Manage Profile
  • Back Office Management
    • Manage Master
      • Account
      • Consignee / Consignor
      • Vehicle
      • Employee
      • Rate
      • Courier
    • Manage Utility
      • L R Transfer
      • L R Cancellation
      • Challan and L R Range
      • Year Closing
      • Logger
      • Backup Files
  • Front Office Management
    • Transactions
      • Lorry Receipt
      • Lorry Hire & Challan
      • Unloading
    • Payment & Receipt
      • Lorry Hire Voucher
      • General Voucher
      • Money Receipt
    • Billing
      • Purchase Bill
      • Bill with L.R.
      • Bill with L.R.(GST)
      • Bill W/O L.R.
      • Asset Bill
      • Bill Submission
    • Manage Reports
      • Statement Report
      • Ledger Report
      • LR Booking
      • LR Report
    • Manage Utility
      • NDC
      • Claim Settlement

The Result of Our Work

  • Robust and having a user friendly UI
  • Quick search to search any word more than 1000+ words.
Fleet management software

Time Line

  • Phase I – 6 Month
  • Phase II – 4 Month


  • Performance Improvement and functionality of maintaining the application in the background with monitoring customer calls at idle mode.

Technology Used

Android Application

  • Material Design
  • Google Maps APIs
  • Firebase for Push Notifications
  • Fabric API for Crash Report and Analytic
  • FTP library to upload image on FTP Server
  • SOAP Web Services

Web Application

  • SQL Server 2008
  • Metronic Theme

Vertical Industry

  • Transport Companies.
  • Logistic Companies.

Target Audience

  • Mainly targeted who use transport service.
  • Mainly those peoples who used Transport & logistics services.


After facing lots of challenges and hurdles during the execution and development, we provide the solution in the form of android & web application by considering all the real-time issues and user requirements.


We had successfully completed the project in timely manner by considering all the user requirements and therefore got appreciation from client on successful closure of the project.