Transport & Logistics

Pain Without Solution

  • Transporter does not know exact number how much vehicles they have right know and in which condition.

  • All work done on papers.

  • Transporter call all time driver to know when truck reach destination.

  • Generate LR receipt manually sometimes some important data was not fillup.

  • Transporter generate Lr, Chalan or Final bill and send to client but many times it will be misplaced or take much time to receive payment.

  • Data loss chances.

  • Difficult to manage other branch.

Solution in Our Software

  • Transporter will allow clients to view vehicles visually so they can choose best for them using mobile or web application.

  • Online and offline software solution it would store in cloud so transporter can write data any time anywhere.

  • Inbilt GPS system into truck so transporter track truck using mobile or web application.

  • Provide CRM module and required data will must fill so that all important data will fill up.

  • Transporter send bill online threw web application or mobile application and get instant online payment.

  • Automatic Data backup.

  • Transporter view other branch works and data online anytime.

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