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Pharmacy365cloud - Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacy management software

Today's pharmacists must be supported by a robust, user-friendly pharmacy management software that can navigate the complexities of dispensing, record management, and point-of-sale functions. Citta solutions' pharmacy365cloud, pharmacy management system allows your pharmacy to process, track, and distribute all prescriptions with an immense level of security, accuracy, and efficiency.

Pharmacy365cloud is the keystone of Citta solutions' Perfect Integration -a system that can incorporate robotic filling, barcode driven workflow, IVR, inventory management, the point of sale, and business management. Whole systems are integrated and fully supported by Citta Solutions' award-winning Customer Service.

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Pharmacies can customize & streamline the work-flow with Pharmacy management software that comes packed with myriad features and functionalities to increase efficiency, safety as well as profitability. The primary objective of pharmacy management software is simple management, by addressing shortages (if any), streamlining work, smoothly running the store, fetching prompt & correct reports whenever required, helps in Centralized data storage with safety and the most important one, Consumer satisfaction.

Medical store software


Pharmacy Management Software helps in managing the details of drugs, stocks, inventory, the medical store sells. It manages all the data about medicines, companies. The project is built from the administrative end, and thus only the administrator guaranteed the access. The goal of the pharmacy management software is to build an application program to reduce the manual work for managing the medicines.

All the medical store's information will be at your fingertips. It would be clear and visible, you can see at a glance, how your pharmacy is going.


  • Manage two-way data synchronization between mobile application and server to work in offline mode.
  • Understanding the requirements of customers.
  • Continuous change in demands.


  • Understanding and implementation of the complicated database structure to fulfill the client requirements.



The Pharmacy management software is pretty user-friendly, and it can keep a record of patient, drugs & prescription information.

Prescription management

As combined with e-Prescription, the pharmacy software offers to accomplish the full prescription provided by the doctors.

Inventory management

It helps in increasing efficiency & decreasing pharmacy inventory costs via annual usage-based purchase decisions. When inventory is tracked via a computerized system, the pharmacy staff will not need to indulge in labor-intensive inventory activities.

Accuracy and Safety

As it is the question of many lives, therefore the system offers the fail-safe features for accuracy & safety, so leaving no scope for errors.

Barcode Verification

It offers help with several features throughout the system, such as retrieval of refill information, POS scanning, affirmation of dispensed product, which improves efficiency.

The Result of Our Work

  • Robust and having a user-friendly User Interface.
  • Easy maintaining of records.
  • Easy inventory management.
  • Easy account management.
  • Improve safety.
Pharmacy software

Time Line

  • Phase I – 5 Month
  • Phase II – 3 Month


  • Performance enhancement and functionality of maintaining the application in the background with monitoring consumer calls at idle mode.

Technology Used

  • Android Application SQL Server 2008 Web Application Google Maps APIs Firebase for Push Notifications SOAP Web Services FTP library to upload the image on FTP Server Fabric API for Crash Report and Analytic Metronic Theme Material Design
  • SQL Server 2008
  • Google Maps APIs
  • Firebase for Push Notifications
  • Fabric API for Crash Report and Analytic
  • FTP library to upload the image on FTP Server
  • SOAP Web Services
  • Web Application
  • Metronic Theme
  • Material Design

Vertical Industry

  • Medical stores and Pharmacies.

Target Audience

  • Medical stores and Pharmacies.


After facing lots of difficulties and hurdles during the execution and development, we provide the solution in the form of the Android & web application by examining all the real-time issues and user requirements.


We had completed the outline on time by considering all the user requirements and therefore got appreciation from the client on successful closure of the Medical store management system.