FightSong!® – Anti Bullying App


FightSong!® empowers students to take back their lives from bullies by giving them an app — technology they are comfortable with to confidentially report school incidents as well as communicate online with counselors and administrators.

Citta Solutions’ unimpeachable platform for anti ragging is recognized by more than 5 newspapers like Rajasthan Patrika, Page 5, 19th April’19, Gujarat Today, Page 4, 19th April’19, Akila, Page 17, 19th April’19, Page 5, Rajasthan Patrika, 19th April’19, Page 4, Gujarat Today, 19th April’19, Page3, Sandesh, 21st April’19.

Be A Change-Maker!
Make Your Campus Ragging-Free !!

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