Citta’s ‘Shiksha365cloud’ proved to be very useful in Covid-19 times

Academic Institute Management Software “Shiksha365Cloud” is proving to be very useful for educational institutions in Covid-19 times.

Ahmedabad: Cloud-based academic institute management software “shiksha365cloud” developed by Gujarat’s leading IT company “CITTA” for schools, colleges, universities and other types of educational institutions is proving to be very useful for educational institutions in Kovid-19 times. “Shiksha365cloud” Cloud-Based Academic Institute Management Software Challenges for Educational Institutions such as Student Retention,
The Institute simplifies Student Data Securities, Parent Communication, Teachers and Staff Time Management, Students Academics, Streamline Administration Process, etc. It also provides many features like e-learning tools, invoice and payment practice, Choice-based education system, GDPR compliance, Choice based credit system etc.
“shiksha365cloud” software reports on academic management of educational institutions, library management, fees, hostel management, website, etc., while integration under inventory management, reports, purchases, inventory, material use, etc. Makes it easy, fast and transparent. Which saves time, energy, and money for educational institutions.

Giving more information about this, Kiran Sutaria, founder and chairman of “Citta” said that “shiksha365cloud” has been specially designed to make the functioning of educational institutions more effective. It combines the best of technology and understanding to meet all the administrative needs of schools and universities. Its tools streamline the workflow in various departments so that there is no possibility of error. It has a positive effect on students. Due to the use of AI & ML in the creation of a paperless ecosystem through “shiksha365cloud” all the operations of organizations can be carried out, it works smoothly, fast, hassle-free, efficient and accurate. Kiran Sutaria understands the need for a centralized database management system and has designed and developed “shiksha365cloud” after extensive analysis to facilitate the work of educational institutions.

ABP Live – Gujarati (Ahmedabad Edition) – 03/12/2020

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