Citta Foundation organizes workshop on ‘Stop Punishing – Start Nourishing’ on International Women’s Day

ABP Live – Ahmedabad – 09/03/21

The Citta Foundation organized a workshop on “Stop Punishing – Start Nourishing” as part of the celebration of International Women’s Day. In this workshop, fitness expert Ms. Bhavika Patel and health & cognitive psychologists Mr. Mrugank Patel’ taught the basics for physical and mental fitness related to the above subject so that women can take good care of their physical and mental fitness.

This workshop covered some important issues like how to avoid common mistakes made by most people while trying to stay healthy like “skipping meals, fast eating habits, unhealthy health plan, excessive or very little sleep”, and how to stay healthy in life without gimmicks, pills or ridiculous rules, etc. They further said that it is important to know how and when to eat food for good health. Stay away from false and improper dieting rules.

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