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Information Technology is a rapidly emerging catalyst for economies globally, offering lucrative opportunities. Hence, growth can be optimized only by investing in innovation and technological solutions. Perpetual growth will be achieved by investing in technology and leveraging it with human intelligence. The challenge is to transform the current traditional approach of business and enable expansion of growth opportunities by using digital technologies.

We are happy that we have been able to provide competitive IT solutions to various new categories of businesses and industry which have gained massive critical market standing over the past few years. Web development is an integral part of IT infrastructure which facilitates businesses to meet market and consumers’ needs. We boast of a world-class team of energetic and committed techies, expert developers, creatively inspired and passionate professionals are continually delivering the demands of the digital marketplace. We welcome the challenges of real-world IT solutions for unique businesses and industries. We are always starving for such problems and our appetite is never satiated. We see the future world demand Digital Footprints. We understand the needs of Information Technology and Digital Infrastructure to make the world a pleasant place to live.

We provide structured IT infrastructure and digital solutions to businesses across the industry. Evaluating various needs and providing a competitive advantage to our clients is our sole motto. We catapult traditional businesses into high-tech organizations. We help startups and organizations to successfully develop and launch digital products and web-based software applications to achieve their dreams.

Pillars of Citta

(Management Team)
(VP - Process & Operations, India)

Mr. Guatam Jha heads the Process/HR/ICT/Corporate Service functions at Citta. He has over 20 years of experience across financial markets, software product development and project management. Mr. Jha also has extensive experience in operations and management of large contact centers, and sales and after-sales operations.

(VP - Sales, Middle East - Gulf Countries)

Mr. Abdulla is responsible for the growth of the Managed Services business. He is an excellent sales leader with proven experience in selling IT services for more than a decade to several large enterprises.

(VP - Sales & Operations, Australia)

Mr. Gunjan is responsible for growing the Managed Services business in Australia region. Gunjan is technosavy leader with proven experience to handing big projects. He as subject matter experts to the CEO and other departmental leaders on issues relating to sales and marketing. He plans and sets directions, coordinates the effort of department staffs towards achievement of organizational objectives.

MR. Chirag Mehta
Mr. Chirag Mehta
(VP-Sales and Operation,Europe)

Mr. Chirag joined Citta in 2018 as Vice President of Business Development and Sales for Europe, to further strengthen Citta's Capital Markets practice, which has grown by 15% in 2019.

While Markets industry has stabilized and largely returned to growth, the need to do “more with less” is as strong as ever; Citta's offering fits the niche for innovative, cost-efficient solutions in the areas of risk management, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, consultancy, mobility, IOT to serve major industries like Logistics,Insurance, Healthcare, Automotive, Supply Chain, Education, Hospitality.

With over two decades in software development, delivery, sales and management, Mr. Chirag focuses on the A-to-Z approach to delivering innovative technology to help clients solve complex business and technical challenges.

Before joining Citta, Mr. Chirag held leading positions at top Swiss, US and UK product and services development companies in telecom, media, finance, and iGaming sectors. In 2004-2006 he helped launch the world's first multiplayer poker for mobile phones. Since then, he has participated and sales in the development of numerous new products in the iGaming industry.

Mr. Chirag holds a BA in Business Studies from the University of the West of England.

(Business Development Consultant - USA)

Nilesh demonstrate entrepreneurialism, with an impressive track record of identifying business opportunities and developing innovative strategies to address market needs. He is primarily responsible for transforming business significantly towards commercial success by expanding company's service offerings and operations globally.

He has an impressive track record of identifying business opportunities and developing innovative strategies to address market needs. He has led various successful SBUs in the areas of Web & Mobility, Healthcare, Education, Retail, IOT, AI, Blockchain, ICO & Embedded Technologies.


Mr. Neel Patel has an overall industry experience of more than eight years. He has a very dynamic personality with vast knowledge in IT and coding. He has proven experience in architecture development for several large enterprises, along with in-depth knowledge of IT compliance.


Mr. Gaurang as CTO is responsible for revenue targets and business growth for Citta’s global operations. He is an industry thought leader in software development with over ten years of experience. A qualified professional in hardcore development, Mr. Gaurang has the vast knowledge of the latest technologies available.

(Head - Marketing & Demand Generation)

Ms. Ankita Sutaria manages Citta’s operation globally, providing direction for business development, sales, marketing, partnerships, and operations.

She has overall industry experience of 8+ Years — a very dynamic personality with an ample knowledge in IT and Management. Ms. Ankita Sutaria has a master's degree cum lauded in Computer Science.

 MR. Hitesh Vagh
MR. Hitesh Vagh
(Head - Sales & Process)

Our Crouching Tiger -'Vagh' means tiger in Gujarati - is one of the most solid pillars of Citta's family from the last 5 years. This long term association helps our users in understanding the values & ethics of our organization. Hitesh holds many integral roles at Citta from managing the User Service Platform to Business Development function, to leading our market place integrity and trust within our stakeholders. His experience as a Software Developer makes him the most compatible person as a linkage between user needs and Citta's Solution.

 MR. Jayesh Sharma
MR. Jayesh Sharma
(Head - Business Development)

Jayesh brings a versatile experience of multiple industries onboard which helps us in catering to our wide range of verticals. He is the leading in-charge for developing & managing business development globally, overseeing the plans that enable our users with a long term & satisfactory association with the organization. He truly understands that the approach 'one size for all' wouldn't work in today's continuously evolving market, which makes him the most approachable member from Citta's family by user perspective.

MR. Chakravarti
MR. Chakravarti Singh Chouhan
(Marketing Head)

Chakravarti is our Marketing Head, bringing his extensive knowledge and marketing experience onboard. He is responsible for the company's digital marketing, advertising, communications, branding, market research and international growth initiatives. His keenness in exploring human behavior & brand personality provides us with a comprehensive approach to understanding our audience. Prior to joining Citta, Chakravarti was closely involved in India's startup ecosystem which keeps his hunger for learning new things always alive.

(Creative Director)

Ms. Bosmia has more than five years of experience in designing. An alumnus of CEPT, she is brimming with creativity and has a track record of creating the best designs for the clients of Citta.

Mr. Yogesh Barad

Mr. Yogesh brings to Citta over 5 years of his experience spanning global financial operations. He is a qualified ACA, ACS and FCMA, a finance professional with copious knowledge spanning the entire gamut of finance development and legal & compliance functions.