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Hms365cloud - Hospital management software


Hospital are the essential part of our lives, providing best medical facilities to people suffering from various elements, which maybe due to change in climatic conditions, increased wok-load, emotional trauma stress etc. It is necessary for the hospitals to keep track of its day-to-day activities & records of its patients, doctors, nurse, ward boys and other staff personals that keep the hospital running smoothly & successfully. But keeping track of all the activities, and their records on paper is very cumbersome and error prone. It also is very inefficient and a time-consuming process Observing the continuous increase in population and number of people visiting the hospital. Recording and maintaining all these records is highly unreliable, inefficient and error-prone.It is also not economically & technically feasible to maintain these records on paper. Thus keeping the working of the manual system as the basis of our project. We have developed an automated version of the manual system, named as "Hospital management system".

The main aim of our project is to provide a paper-less hospital upto 90%. It also aims at providing low-cost reliable automation of the existing systems. The system also provides excellent security of data at every level of user-system interaction and also provides robust & reliable storage and backup facilities.

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The project Hospital management system is aimed to develop to maintain the day-to-day state of admission/discharge of patients, list of doctors, reports generation and etc. It is designed to achive the following objectives:

- Computerize all details regarding patient details and hospital details.

- Scheduling the appointment of patient with doctors to make it convenient fo both.

- Scheduling the services of specialized doctors and emergency properly so that facilities provided by hospital are fully utilized in effective and efficient manner.

- If the medical store issue medicine to patients, it should reduce the stock status of the medical store and vice-versa.

- It should be able to handle the test reports of patients conducted in the pathology lab of the hospital.

- The inventory should be updated automatically whenever transaction is made.

- The information of the patients should be kept upto date and there record should be kept in the system for historical purpose.



A reason for adopting Hospital management software strategies is, it would be the best hospital management software which allows you to easy access to patient data, improve patient care, establish your hospital as technically advanced, transparency in operations, support growth strategy, increase data security & retrieve ability, Improved clinical decision-making, better revenue management, achive good quality ratings, avoid errors and track every single detail and also streamlined process.

Information is at your fingertips. It would be transparent and highly visible to you can see at a glance, how your business is going.


  • Manage two-way data synchronization between mobile application and server to work in offline mode.
  • Understanding the requirements
  • Continuous change in requirements


  • Understanding and Implementation of complex database structure to fulfill the client requirements


Web and Mobile Application

  • Registration
  • Log In
  • Forgot Password
  • Change Password
  • Manage Profile
  • Patient management
    • OPD
    • IPD
  • Doctor management
  • Drugs management
  • Administrative management
  • Online appointment management
  • Invoice management
  • Barcode management
  • Laboratery management
  • Reception management
  • Inventory management
  • OT management
  • Nursing and Ward management
  • Payroll management
  • Queue management

The Result of Our Work

  • Robust and having a user friendly UI
  • Quick search to search any patient from more than 1000+ patient.

Time Line

  • Phase I – 6 Month
  • Phase II – 4 Month


  • Performance Improvement and functionality of maintaining the application in the background with monitoring customer calls at idle mode.

Technology Used

Android Application

  • Material Design
  • Google Maps APIs
  • Firebase for Push Notifications
  • Fabric API for Crash Report and Analytic
  • FTP library to upload image on FTP Server
  • SOAP Web Services

Web Application

  • SQL Server 2008
  • Metronic Theme

Vertical Industry

  • Healthcare Industry
  • Pharmacy Industry
  • Medical Industry

Target Audience

  • Mainly targeted who use sales service.
  • Mainly those peoples who are comes from academy,hostel or library industry.


After facing lots of challenges and hurdles during the execution and development, we provide the solution in the form of android & web application by considering all the real-time issues and user requirements.


We had successfully completed the project in timely manner by considering all the user requirements and therefore got appreciation from client on successful closure of the project.