Database Maintenance

database management

Database Maintenance

Database maintenance is an activity designed to keep a database running smoothly. A number of different systems can be used to build and maintain databases, with one popular example being SQL Server and MYSQL. The maintenance of databases is generally performed by people who are comfortable and familiar with the database system and the specifics of the particular database, although some maintenance tasks can be performed by people who do not have experience.

One important aspect of maintaining a database is simply backing up the data so that, if anything happens, there will be another copy available. Some databasing systems actually do this automatically, sending a backup to another location every day, every week, or within any other set period of time. Backups are usually not enough, however.

Why you should choose Citta Solution for your Database Maintenence services

  • Citta Solutions is a pioneer in the database services space, and has been providing Database Administration (DBA) services for more than a decade. Citta solutions manages more than 10,000 databases and 500 ERP environments from four global delivery centers. Citta solution's team of database administrators is proficient in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, Sybase, and DB2 database technologies. We leverage Lean Six Sigma and other IT optimization methods to deliver world class database administration services.

Run and Maintenance Services

Databse Monitoring

SQL Server database maintenance plans help define, automate, and monitor these maintenance operations. The Database Maintenance Plan.

Incident Management

Incident management systems should get everything back to normal operation as ... Maintenance of more continuous service levels.

Release / Change Management

We will provide solution for release / change management of database maintenance.

DB Performance Tuning

When considering instance tuning, care must be taken in the initial design of the database system to avoid bottlenecks that could lead to performance problems.

Database Security Management

Database security is a specialist topic within the broader realms of computer security, information security and risk management.

Databse Space Management

With an understanding of SQL Server's space management protocol, you can create and maintain high-performing databases.