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Courier365cloud - Courier Management Software

courier management software

Courier Management Software - Courier365cloud is professional grade hosted courier software solution that meets the end to end requirements of your courier business. If you are a messenger, courier or dispatching service, you can be more effective and save money with the on-time delivery solution.

Citta solutions has developed a software solution that manages package distribution to courier companies, supports excellent reporting, billing, and authority over courier company and thus provides the clear report to management how the courier company is performing their assigned job.

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The objective of the Courier Management Software is to deliver an adequate Courier Management System whose chief functionality apart from estimating the courier bill include predicting the time expected to reach the address.

As per our customer requirement, our principal object should be efficiently managing consignment. The Courier365cloud is passing all problem of the present system and automate all process in a high-tech way.

courier software


Courier365cloud provides features like Client management, Barcoding, GPS tracking of drivers, Dispatch management, Client web portal (check real-time delivery status), Reporting and Account management.

Courier Management Software is available in Software as a Service and web-based solution as well. Need not to spend so much in IT infrastructure, integrate your branches network and manage your business operations with just a laptop and internet connection.

Courier management software will be already integrated accounting synchronically to offer an end to end solution — hence no need to manage separate accounting software.


  • Manage two-way data synchronization between mobile application and server to work in offline mode.
  • Understanding the requirements of customers.
  • Continuous change in elements.


  • Understanding and Implementation of the complicated database structure to fulfill the client requirements.


Customer Management

Customized rates, billing, and services to meet customers specific needs.

Tracking of Couriers

The user can track their parcel online. No need to call courier service provider for getting information about the parcel.

Manage multiple branches

The user can manage many branches or franchises. Also, Branch owner can see other branches reports about outstanding parcels and outstanding payments.

Pickup schedule

A user can see pickup schedule for the parcel. Pickup schedule will be used to notify the client when their package will be collected by the courier service provider.

The Result of Our Work

  • Robust and having a user-friendly User Interface.
  • Timely delivery of the couriers.
  • Easy reporting and maintaining of records.
  • GPS tracking of drivers.
parcel management software

Time Line

  • Phase I – 4 Month
  • Phase II – 2 Month


  • Performance enhancement and functionality of maintaining the application in the background with monitoring consumer calls at idle mode.

Technology Used

  • Android Application
  • Material Design
  • Google Maps APIs
  • Firebase for Push Notifications
  • Fabric API for Crash Report and Analytic
  • FTP library to upload the image on FTP Server
  • SOAP Web Services
  • Web Application
  • SQL Server 2008
  • Metronic Theme

Vertical Industry

  • Courier companies.

Target Audience

  • Our main target audience are Courier companies, Messengers and Dispatching service providers.


After facing lots of difficulties and hurdles during the execution and development, we provide the solution in the form of the Android & web application by examining all the real-time issues and user requirements.


We had completed the outline on time by considering all the user requirements and therefore got appreciation from the client on successful closure of the project.