What is the Importance of Leadership for Project Success?

In the early 1960s, the term Project Management Methodology came into existence. Many successful ways were invented by various business associative groups so that arrangement of business advantages and its composition can work together into a particular organization or a structure. In other words, this term was known as “project”. The main keys of these term projects are:

  1. Communication
  2. Collaboration

These two key terms can make any project work whether it is from the same department or from a different department.

 The logical combination of any terms which are related to project practices, its methods, and at last the process that leads with a one-to-one combination which includes planning, developing, controlling and completing, implementing, and running the process till its successful termination.

The entire management process passes through the making of the decision and solving problem while taking in mind that the entire process its approaches, techniques, methods, and topologies runs with higher success and with a perfect ratio.

A project methodology is also called a strategy which is an arrangement to stages that are Interrelated, strategical, their activities which are observed upcoming with their following duties which lead completion of project from its initial stage to the completion of the task according to Atkinson, R. (1999). A good project is defined by how good the planning is done, its effectiveness and expectations of its outcomes, and team support. Whereas the process of controlling the success of project objectives is known as project management.

Leadership Management 2 By Citta

The life cycle of the project is dependent on project methodology. There is three main part of project methodology, they are Initiation, Control, and closing.

1. Initiation: 

Initiation means starting the project with its goal and planning. To start a good project there should be an idea of the product, its long-lasting services, and the result of the project. To know the project in detail a good report is created. With the help of the report assumptions of goals, purposes, assumptions, limitations, advantages, disadvantages, risks, issues, cost and availability are known.

2. Control: 

Controlling has two main keywords managing and tracking the project. Controlling includes particular deadlines which help people to stay focused and complete the project in a given or estimated time. Cost approximation is also known.

3. Closing: 

Reports that carry information on whether the project has achieved its goals or not. So, the closure report is a must. These reports indicate whether the project has achieved its goal or not.

For instance, there is different kind of methodologies including Project Management Body of Knowledge, PRINCE2, SDLC, and WATERFALL, AGILE according to Liao, S. (2002). There is a comparison between Waterfall methodology and Agile Methodology where a sequential design process is included in waterfall methodology. In this process when each stage gets complete the movement of the team is done to the next phase. In the sequential design process, when stage one is completed, we cannot go back to the last stage. From the beginning, the entire project is being run if there is any kind of error. So, by doing this project proper planning is a must then and only then the project is executed according to Kuhnert’s, P. (2016).

Moreover, in an Agile Methodology, there is an incremental approach is made to the project which lies under agile methodology. In this methodology, the team starts to work on small modules which are meant to be completed in a week or a month. So, at the end of each module, a test is run to detect the virus and modify the project. Most importantly customer feedback is taken to start the new module or the project.
In spite of, are many disadvantages of the Waterfall methodology where there are lots of delays in testing the project? Mainly client’s involvement is a must needed otherwise the plan does not work. If the client wants to change the project, then as a result there will be a rise in the budget. So as a result, one should use this methodology when there is 100 percent surety of the product.

How to make Project Successful

Team Rules & Expectations 

The team members were very supportive so all the meetings were discussed face to face. The meetings were done after the completion of lectures. Sometimes online discussion was discussed with help of group chatting by creating a group on social media. The meetings were recorded for documentation purposes and the duration of meetings was also recorded.

The basic team goal was to build software so that users can execute the requirements. Working to gather gives both positive and negative impacts on team members. So, positive aspects lead towards the success of the project and negative aspects lead toward the failure so negative aspects should be avoided.

Negative Aspects:

  • Missing of team members: because of emergencies and illness, some team members are not available which leads to failure.
  • Lack of communication: Reminders of verbal communication are important.
  • Wrong design: Key element of the project is its design. So, the system design should not have errors or any kind of defects. Therefore, approval of the system is important, and advised to test the system before implementing it.
  • Tests: Testing of software is important so writing a test case is required.

Positive Aspects:

  • A good team always leads to success so involvement in teamwork is important. Each and every team member’s area of interest, strengths, and responsibilities must be distributed equally.
  • The information must be shared with each and every team member in order to gain knowledge of everyone.
  • A good team can always find errors and get the solution to them.
  • Team members must be motivated to take risks.

Code of ethics:

  • Each and all team members are equal.
  • Everyone’s opinion must be considered.
  • Commitments must be agreed on given due dates.
  • Line up the rules for meetings.
  • Reach meetings on time.
  • Recording of each and every meeting will be recorded.

Plagiarism: Research works of others should not be copied.

Conflicts of Interest: If in case of any such issues occurs during the continuation of the project, the project manager should handle the problem effectively.

 Rules and Expectations –

  • Complications of the project must be discussed face to face.
  • All the members must have access to every area of projects and must be aware of plans and their respective tasks and complete them on time.
  • Meetings must be rescheduled if missed.
  • If in case of the day off, the team member should inform prior.

Signatures – Insert the electronic signature of all the team members here. This will indicate an understanding and agreement to the rules and expectations as specified in points.                

As a leader, what makes the project successful?

According to me, I have found out different qualities that are utilized to deal with the group, so when I got connected with these qualities, I realized that we need to work as suggested in given circumstances which include live undertaking, to support members when things went wrong and handle the situation in a calm way also to tackle the eagerness of all the colleagues, clear the vision of the group, one to one correspondence with the customer. If the group is not familiar, we need to give them brief information about the task and let them think about how to tackle the situation.

Technical Skills:

Scheduling the phase: Scheduling different parts of the project helps the project in various aspects. For instance, it can be completed before deadlines, changes asked by the clients are acceptable with easy solutions.

Separation of the resources: Allocation in the project helps to complete the project in a precise way. So, human resource management is the basic requirement to complete the project.

Budget Finalizing: The Project manager needs to calculate all types of costs and charges before starting the project.

Team Management: For implementing the project planning of the best team is required.


Managing Risks: The future of system issues and how to minimize the issues must be known by the project manager.

As a result, research on project management is important in today’s life for the betterment of the development of the country by using various research methodologies technologies.

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