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This study is effectively conducted to shed a sufficient amount of light upon the possible impacts of Security Technological impacts as well as work-related challenges are illustrated in the study. The prototype of the model has been constructed by the appropriate application of both software and hardware networks. Software networks have been properly aligned with the system. Important project management fundamental concepts concerning PRINCE2 have been taken under consideration for better results. Apart from specific aspects related to security has been provided.


Cyber security is one of the most important inventions of the present century effectively directed at enriching the lives of people. People get to enjoy better living standards and living on account of Cyber security. The contribution of Cyber security is effectively noted in all major segments such as manufacturing, transportation, consumer goods, and other services. It is operated employing the internet along with transmitting and receiving devices. However past studies and incidents illustrate a sufficient number of issues concerning its security, resulting in cybercrime. 

This study is effectively directed upon the importance of the present technological aspects. Apart from that, this study is directed to look upon the causes as well as results of each. 

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the project is to identify and analyze the areas of privacy, security as well as trust concerning Cyber Security based devices and the associated process of operations 

Objectives of the study 

● To determine the significance of privacy, security, and trust in the Cyberworld.

● To look into the aspects of Security.

● To develop a proper understanding of the importance of Cyber Security.

● To understand possible ways by which human beings settle their trust.

Detailed analysis of the project in Cyber Security

The prototype of the model has been constructed by the appropriate application of both software and hardware networks. Software networks have been properly aligned with the system. Important project management fundamental concepts concerning PRINCE2 have been taken under consideration for performing the project management work in a better way. Apart from those results from the past experiments illustrate the impacts of hackers for breaching the security functions of the system. Hu et al. (2017) stated that hackers, employing techniques can manage or bypass the security standards of the system. However, in the research work-appropriate steps have been directed to identify and mitigate possible actions of a security breach on the system. As per previous networks, it has been noted that due to the presence of lean channels on the internet, hackers in the past can interfere with the security standards. The presence of 32 bits security protocol in the past systems results in a sufficient amount of exposure to the outside domain. The following illustrates the functions and networks of the IoT system.

Based on the above figure, the internet protocol network is provided with further controls for other online operations processes such as television and refrigerators. Wen et al. (2017) mentioned that using IoT, users can control other devices employing their smartphones as remotes. All major information related to the operation is stored in the online cloud storage facilities. Cloud storage is highly vulnerable to be hacked by outside agents or hackers. Normally IT networking service providers make use of security services for safeguarding all information 

(Source: Li et al. 2018)

Results from the above figure indicate the sequence of IoT processes. In the project, two important components of IoT which are application logic and social component are provided. Application logic has been provided to control and maintain the appropriate linkage between physical objects as well as the agent server control module. 

Technological tools and techniques 

The following table indicates details of technologies in the process: 

Device name 

Technical values 

Service description 


5 to 6 Hz frequency 

The presence of passive infrared sensors detect the presence of moments in the system 

Switch contact 

Resistivity value of 20 to 35 ohm 

Applicable for detecting the status of connections and networking 

Security application 

Provided with 64 bits security for offering better protection against malware 

Determine and sent relevant information to the security system of It service provider for better results 

Warning and alarming signs 

Applicable for warning in case of any breach in security 

Applicable for alerting the concerned authorities 

Table 1: Technical tools 

The security control module of the system 

Figure 3: Security Control

(Source: Wang et al. 2018)

Results from the above indicate the security control module of the cyber security system. Yang et al. (2017) mentioned that the presence of both private as well as public cloud security services results in better security. Private and public security has been improved by employing separate IP addresses. Private cloud access has been restricted in terms of access by any third-party service provider. First of all, registration of the users has been completed and details of the same have been registered within the information database.

Figure 4: Cyber Security Network

(Source: Cicirelli et al. 2018)

The information database has been linked directly to the online cloud storage. The owners of the public cloud are multimedia owners along with users. Yang et al. (2017) mentioned that all the internal, as well as external applications, have been maintained by the network. For instance, internet-based applications connecting with television have been controlled by the public cloud network. The above flow network indicates the registration process of the users. 

Technical stages of user registration

Results from the above indicate the coding as well as action sequence to be performed by the system to process the expected results. A binary information system along with numeric entries has been provided in the system for better results. 

Challenges in Cyber Security and Privacy

Less Authentication: The authentication system depends on the security system which is implemented in the system. According to Perera et al. (2014), every system contains one layer of password authentication which has four to eight keys. Most of the time users select simple passcode to remember the keys which are easy to guess. So, devices that use this type of authentication are at high risk of being hacked because of a lack of security.

Failure in Encryption: Most of the devices fail because of a lack of encryption. Though the information is taken from the internet, some systems fail to encrypt the data which is transferred.

Insecure Web Interface: Nowadays, devices use cyber security-based solutions where interfacing of web and mobile is used to manage the device for getting the data. Projects such as (OWASP) was used as a solution to the device where IoT was used for security purpose.

Privacy Concerns: Most deviceask for username and personal information to get results and in the future to it is used to store the data for further uses. Information is transferred by some of the devices through the internet without any transcription process which sometimes increases the risk of data which is left behind.

Solutions regarding Cyber Security and Privacy

Performance Analysis: For better security, the security system may be upgraded on any device. Both the OS and security system in the device must be checked whether it meets the requirement of the security system for baseline information. For verification security check system must use fingerprint authentication which increases the security system in the device.

Functional Security Requirements: To make the device more secure high-level security is used. To implement more secure authentication, IoT uses SaaS (Software as a service) system. 

Trust Review: To review trust, fault injection is to be performed to test the boundaries. For verification, a manual penetration technique is used. Over manually testing, periodic testing is preferred.

Secure Code Review: In this technique, it reduces the cost of fixing security challenges.

Security Code Generation Process: Most of the devices uses default user ID and password which can be easily detected. To make the code stronger different characters are used.

Leap into the 21Century of Cyber Security

When the Campofrio Food group food factory of about 17 years old was destroyed and finally burnt to the ground, the owner of the food chain got into a huge loss. However, with an eye on digital technology, the whole factory including its processing facilities got rebuilt. The whole facility is completely operational utilizing security. The goal as well as approach of the management in the incorporation of security has been a major turning point in its growth and development. The goal of the approach is to optimize as well as automate the process. Automation of the process is likely to bring about a lesser amount of manual labor. 

Elements crucial in 21st century IoT infrastructure 

Open protocols network systems: Business enterprises expecting to avail the complete services of Cyber Security need to have proper IT infrastructures facilities. This results in the incorporation of better internet management consoles such as Time Sensitivity Networking for better results. Time sensitivity networking services offer better connectivity as well as security 

Distributed workflows: Technologies have sparkled an effective shift from a centralized batch- focussed approach to cloud 2.0 networking technologies. This innovation has given birth to fog computing. 

Machine learning: artificial intelligence, as well as machine learning, is possible through the application. Interaction between them allows the system to get better and improve the present processes. Artificial intelligence is now the father of the system having Cyber Security as the body. 


Overall findings and analysis from the system indicate the significance of Cyber Security along with its application in business enterprises. The possible impacts of Cyber Security in improving technologies are noted in this section. It indicates the possible impacts of AI along with the big data analytics process for improving the future scope of Cyber Security. The significance of Cyber Security in the 21st century is noted from the study. 

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