Exit Interview Questions That Aren’t a Waste of Time

Employee Life Cycle starts with the Recruitment and ends with Exit of an employee. An exit interview is as important as a job interview.

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☛ What is an Employee Exit Interview?
☛ Purpose and Importance of Employee Exit Interview
☛ How Exit Interview is Conducted?
☛ Sample Exit Interview Questions

What is an Employee Exit Interview?

An employee exit interview is not as alike job interview. Exit interview has its own importance.

An Exit interview is conducted when an employee is leaving the organization or in other words when an employee is separated from the company/organization.

An Exit interview is a part of the employee life cycle. And it must be not ignored by the organization.

Purpose and Importance of Employee Exit Interview

An exit interview is nothing but a meeting conducted by the Human Resource Staff Member with the employee separated from the organization. An exit interview is an opportunity to collect fact and honest feedback from the employee. It is believed that employees don’t speak a lie and answer actually what they feel and believe about organization once they are separated. Because there is no reason to fear in giving honest feedback.

Purpose of An Exit Interview

The main purpose of conducting An Exit Interview is to gather some useful information from the employee which can help in the overall development of the organizations.

Mainly the goal is to collect the information’s are:

  • Why an employee is leaving
  • What an employee like and dislike about the organization and work culture
  • What are employee’s feedback to improve the organization
  • What is the future plan of employee

Importance of An Exit Interview

1.The main importance of conducting an exit interview is to collect fact and honest feedback from the employee which will help organizational development and improvement.

2. Data collected from an exit interview are useful to take effective steps to avoid more loss of employees.

3. An exit interview can help to take some proactive steps to maintain the employee retention ratio of the company.

4. By an exit interview, you can see the organization by employees’ perspective, what they exactly feel, do they like the organizational culture or not, which is the major reason behind the employee’s leaving, they are satisfied and happy or not etc.

5. This is the best opportunity where you can get some important internal information from which you are not aware of being top management. Information like what is the main reason for employee’s frustration, do they get required support from their leader or not, corporate politics, what other staff think and feel about the organization and their perceptions, company policy is followed from top to bottom or not etc. This kind of information is generally not highlighted to the top management and active employee will not tell you the truth as they feel the job risk.

6. An Exit interview will help you to make your organization employee-friendly means high employee satisfaction, good employee stability which leads to more loyalty, healthy culture, good productivity and better market image.

7. An exit interview can help the professional relationship or employer-employee relationship end on a good note.

8. It will help you to learn about HR benchmarks like salary and other financial non-financial benefits. You can see how competitive you are against other employers. You can also know if other employers are head-hunting your employees.

How Exit Interview is Conducted?

HR is responsible to conduct the Exit Interview of the employee. But interviewer may vary from company to company. It may be a person from top management, middle management, HR Department, the third party person or it may be a group of person. But immediate supervisor must be not involved in Employee Exit interview to get more honest feedback from the employee.

An exit interview can be held face to face, in writing, on phone or video. But in-person is more effective and highly suggested.

HR person should arrange the meeting for Exit Interview and motivate the employee to share honest feedback with loyalty. For that HR person should try to make employee comfortable and ensure the confidentiality of employee’s feedback.


☛Listen with full attention what employee is sharing about organizations.
☛Motivate employee to share feedback without any fear and hesitation.
☛Write feedback shared by the employee for future reference.
☛Focus on negative feedback as negative feedback are the areas of improvement.
☛Close interview on a positive note and be thankful of the employee for sharing feedback.

Sample Exit Interview Questions

Exit interview questions usually depend on employees’ total tenure in the organization, seniority and role.
Below are some common questions for exit interview which can be used for all employees:

Top Exit Interview Questions that you should ask.
  1. Why are you leaving? What prompted you to resign?
  2. Why Did you start looking for another job?
  3. What does your new company offer that influenced your decision to leave?
  4. What could we have done better?
  5. Would you ever consider rejoining to this company?
  6. can we do anything to keep you here?
  7. Did you enjoy your tenure with the company?
  8. What are your feedbacks about our company culture?
  9. What was your relationship with your manager like?
  10. Did you feel like a valuable part of the company?
  11. Did you have all the resources to needed to succeed at the job?
  12. What was the best part of your job?
  13. What was the worst part of your job?
  14. Were you given clear goals and objectives?
  15. Did you get feedback to improve your self?
  16. What Skills and qualifications do you think we need to look for in your replacement?
  17. According to you what are our company strengths, what did you like the most about the company?
  18. Would you like to share about any loopholes or weakness of the company?
  19. Anything that you can suggest for improving the performance or image of the company.
  20. Would you like to share anything confidential about anything or anyone in the company?
  21. Do you have any other issues you want to highlight?
  22. Given a chance would you like to recommend the company to others?

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