Depression & Stress Management Techniques

Stress And Depression – Know the Difference

Life is becoming too fast and competitive that we all are experiencing stress at one time or another. Nowadays the stress is becoming so normal that we started ignoring it.

Sometimes stress is good if it motivates you, keeps you alert, increases your productivity to meet the deadline. But too much stress or chronic stress is not good in any case as it may lead to major depression. A little stress is good but too much is bad.

Depression is more serious and long-lasting than stress.

What is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that involves a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.

Everyone feels sad, low and loss of interest. Those are normal emotions and a part of life. If these feelings are for a time being then it’s fine and totally normal. As all days are not the same.

But as per the doctor’s guide if a person observes these symptoms every day or for at least two weeks then he/she is suffering from depression.

If you start to notice other physical symptoms such as changes in sleep, appetite, or energy, seek help. You should talk to your family members and take the doctor’s help.

Depression can last for several weeks, months or years.

What are the signs and symptoms of the depression

Sadness is not depression. Sadness is only one part of depression. Different people have different symptoms. Depression symptoms can vary from person to person which can include:

  1. Feeling sad, anxious, alone, empty
  2. Feeling hopeless, pessimistic, unsuccessful
  3. Feeling guilty, worthless, helpless
  4. A depressed and irritated mood
  5. Not enjoying activities you used to enjoy
  6. Overthinking, Don’t like to talk with anyone on anything
  7. Not interested to do anything
  8. Not able to concentrate on work
  9. Loss of sexual desire
  10. Sleeping too much or too little
  11. Appetite Change
  12. Gaining or losing weight
  13. Loss of energy
  14. Thoughts of Suicide

“When a person is dealing with depression, things may seem more negative than they really are.”

Call Your Doctor

Below are the strong signs that you should call your doctor:

  1. If you have been experiencing some of the symptoms of depression nearly every day, for at least two weeks
  2. If you are feeling that there is no reason to live and thinking of suicide

Key Facts by WHO

  • Depression is a common mental disorder.
  • Globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression.
  • More women are affected by depression than men.
  • Depression can lead to suicide.
  • There are effective psychological and pharmacological treatments for moderate and severe depression.

Treatment and Therapies for Stress Management

There are many good ways to get relief from stress and depression. Drinking, taking drugs, isolation from friends and family, committing suicide won’t solve anything and can lead to more problems.

Please Note:
There are some technique which is effective and useful if the stress and depression are at the starting stage. But if you are dealing with the chronic stress and major depression our advice is to take help of health professional. Only medication and professional help can give you a better result.

Try these tips when you’re feeling stressed or anxious.

1. Make A Plan

When you feel that you are in stress your first action is to accept the fact, accept yourself. Then help your self to get out from the stress. Just analyse yourself and figure out the cause of stress. If you are not able to find the exact cause then think of as many possible cause as you can. And write them down.

Now think about the solution that will reduce your stress. A trusted friend and family member may be able to offer some good solutions which will work better on you.

Now choose a few solutions and start with that to deal with your stress. Observe the result for a few days. If you don’t found any improvement, try another one. Don’t stop yourself until you find out the right method which provides you with a good result.

2. Physical Activity

Physical activity is one of the effective ways to reduce your stress level. Regular exercise will decrease your overall tension level and will improve your physical and mental health too. Gradually you will start feeling better.

You can try below physical activity which will help you to get your self out from the stress and depression:
Breathing Exercise
Morning Walk

3. Take a break from routine

Sometimes we get tired of our routines, doing the same things again and again. And we don’t even realize it. That happens to all of us. When you are bored, you feel stuck in a routine. Take a break from routine, try something new or do the same in a different way. Do something relaxing. Engage your self in activities which interest you. Doing one little thing a bit differently will take you to experience something new.

Give yourself a small challenge to try something new every month which is not related to your career and routine.

4. Work on your health and fitness

A healthy body can help you to deal with stress. Good health will lead you to good thoughts, positivity and will boost your energy, which will motivate you to try something new and be active. Ultimately it will reduce your stress.

Below are some health tips:

  • Get 7 to 9 hours sleep
  • Eat healthy food, stay hydrated
  • Exercise Regularly

5. Don’t Suffer in Silence

Help yourself by taking the help of others.

Get support from your family, trusted friend, counsellor or professional person to whom you can open your heart. Some times we get solutions just by talking and discussing the things. Once you open up your heart to someone, you will feel relaxed. This is the guaranteed formula which will work.

Telling someone that you are suffering from something is the first step toward feeling better.

6. Stay Away

The best and a logical way to deal with the stress and depression is to stay away from the cause of it. If you know the cause which makes you feel stressed and depressed, simply just stay away. It may be anything like a person, situation, place, a toxic relationship, stressful job.

7. Be Active

It is very obvious when a person is in stress he doesn’t like to do anything, and doing nothing will make him more depressed. So it is very important to keep your self busy with anything which helps you to divert your mind. Once you start enjoying the things you are doing, automatically you will get relief from stress.

8. Surrounding

Surrounding is very very important when you are feeling negative, stressful or hopeless. Surround yourself with the people who are very positive, full of energy, helpful, who can motivate you, guide you to get a solution. Be in a place where you can feel more positivity, energy and where you like to be.

9. Be Practical

Sometimes the thing and situations are not as bad as we are thinking. We feel it worse than they actually are because we see the thing emotionally not practically. So be practical and accept the thing which is not in our control. Better to focus on the thing which we can control and figure out how we can deal with the difficult situation.

10. Give Time to “Time”

After making all the possible efforts the last thing to do is give time to “time”. Yes, I mean it. Some situation becomes better and favourable by time. Our efforts will not work on it. Everything takes time, nothing is possible overnight. Left the things on time and be relax.

These were the techniques which will be helpful in a minor level of stress and depression or to prevent yourself from it. But in the case of major depression, only three things will help you.

Major Depression: Only 3 things will help you

  1. Doctor
  2. Medication
  3. Psychotherapy

Remember, depression and other mental health conditions are nothing to be ashamed of.

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