Words From Our Clients

Nrupen Shah (New India Insurance, Ahmedabad, India)

Citta Solutions was very friendly, professional & knowledgeable. They worked with me for a long time on this project, making all of the changes that I requested until it was absolutely perfect. They were very patient and took the time to make sure I understood the files they created. I would absolutely hire them again and would definitely recommend them. Thank you very much Citta Solutions!!!

Rajan Shah (Ahmedabad, India)

Citta Solutions Pvt. Ltd. execute the design of a site exactly the way it is provided, or suggest ways to improve navigation, usability and scalability. Citta Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend the company to graphic designers who want a website done the way they envision it

Jim Smith (President, Twotrees Technologies, LLC)

Let me explain why FightSong! keeps showing up in our posts. FightSong! is a student centered anti-bullying startup venture backed by Twotrees Technologies, LLC ( where we have always been ). We drew up the original spec for the FightSong! platform in January to which my friend Kiran Sutariya and I subsequently worked up a prototype. We enlisted our daughter Staci to take the prototype to test market at a national school safety conference back in March - we were totally overwhelmed with response. Staci quit her job to focus on the application, Kiran ralleyed the development team with his company Citta Solutions, Pvt. Ltd. , Twotrees hired consultants, assembled legal/marketing teams and in a remarkable 120 days it went live at the end of June as a cloud hosted scalable communications platform for iOS, Android and Chromebooks . Since then, it has taken on a life of its own. FightSong! was chosen to be in the ATT Startup Pavillian at ISTE 2018, was runner up for People's Choice in Pitchfest and considered one of the hidden gems of ISTE. In social media it has been called "One of the most Innovative Applications of 2018 for Education" and while we don't sell it as such, it has been heralded as one of the potentially best solutions on the market to get ahead of gun violence in schools before it happens. We still have a lot to do, an aggressive roadmap of where its going but there is a lot of energy behind it. Startups are always fun but this one is special. Check it out at http://www.fightsong.com/ and follow us on social media at fightsongapp - tell your school principals and counselors about it too 🙂.

Ravi Krishna (Hyderabad, India)

All promises were kept and the quality of work is of a very high standard. The customer service is exceptional and the turn around time for job requests is fantastic.

Chetan Acharya (Ahmedabad, India)

100% happy with the product and the service, on time, courteous, friendly service. Overall site was extremely creative got great responses from Locals as well as International people.

Vaman Khopkar (Ahmedabad, India)

“Setting up the site was painless and the staff always responded in a timely manner to any questions we had. They were thorough and very helpful in training our team to update and maintain the site. We see a clear correlation between our site traffic and an increase in customer visits. We are very pleased with our customer reach. We loved working with Citta Solutions Pvt Ltd. so much.

Dhiren Sheth (Senior Consultant ( Strategic ) at Bulwarkers)

“Citta is a place for Excellent in Customer Satisfaction.

Pranav Desai (Director & CEO at Cleveland CycleWerks India)

I have associated with Citta both on personal and professional front. On personal front I can say Citta is very trustworthy Company one can rely on, while on professional front I can say that Member of Citta has indepth technical knowledge on IT front which had really made Citta a valuable partner for any organization. I wish all the best to Citta.

Jigar Desai (CEO - Mi Partner Strategic Solutions)

I know Citta from many years. I appreciate its members hard work and focused approach in IT & software technology. People in Citta is always in search for new opportunity in information technology & inclination towards creativity. People in Citta understands the technological issues in the industries very well & are ready to resolve with innovative ways. Citta had designed many innovative software solutions for variety of industries.

Gunjan Patel (Australia)

Citta is a place with very passionate people and has great vision for their work. Their focus keeps everything moving smoothly, They makes sure all the deadlines are met, and makes sure that whatever project they are working on meets the highest standards.

Rajulkumar Patel (Technical Architect at Arastu Systems, Inc.)

I am particularly impressed by Citta's ability to handle unfavorable situation effortlessly and executing projects smoothly. This skill often take years to develop among IT professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to it.

Maunik Shah (Founder & Director at ExtendedITArms)

Citta is kind of Company where people can manage project executions and performs technical research with equal proficiency. With their adaptive nature and core technical competency, they are capable to handle even stressful situations diligently. I've worked with Citta and always found them dedicated, enthusiastic and filled with energy to learn & explore new technology.

Digant Patel (Project Lead)

It’s very rare that you come across such expert in project management including coding like Citta. I was impressed by their ability to handle even toughest situations and meet the delivery in time. they would be an asset to any customer.